Overseas Factories

LANLAN Co., Ltd.


Background of Establishment

Two years after building our first factory in China, we happened to visit Ho Chi Minh City. We were impressed by Vietnamese people’s close resemblance and similarity to Japanese.
After the visit, we started the business in Vietnam. However, as we failed to yield results, we almost decided to give up Vietnamese business and pull out of it. Then, my interpreter, who had long been accompanying me, said “There are many workforces available in my hometown due to the poverty and lack of job opportunities”. The interpreter might feared that he might lose his job. Soon afterward, I went to his hometown and, then and there, decided to build a new factory.
More than a decade has passed. In the interval, I have been at the point of giving up LANLAN several times. However, it is happy to say now that this factory has achieved remarkable growth, contributing a lot to Yumine Sewing’s sales.

Overview of Factory

Company Name LANLAN Co., Ltd.
Address Km4 Hung Vuong Road, Phu Khanh Ward, Thai Binh, Thai Binh, Vietnam
Tel 84-363-840-344
Fax 84-363-834-041
Vice President Katsuyoshi Hayashi
Factory Manager Tran Thanh Phong
Employee 550
Type of Company Wholly-owned company
Yumine Sewing Co., Led. 100%
Capital USD 1.12 million
Incorporation April, 2000
Product Ladies’ formal dress, suit, coat, bottoms
Main Client
  • Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd.
  • TORAY International Co., Ltd.

Inside the Factory

  • LANLAN CO., LTD. 1
  • LANLAN CO., LTD. 2
  • LANLAN CO., LTD. 3
  • LANLAN CO., LTD. 4
  • LANLAN CO., LTD. 5
  • LANLAN CO., LTD. 6