Couture avec NatureMake clothes in nature

Our company starts at Yumemine Pass, a deep mountain in Hida, Japan.
Half a century ago, a small sericulture factory called Yumine Sewing was found on the site of a silk moth sericulture shed in the forest.
start operation. Enjoy the arrival of spring when the snow melts, and cherish the autumn leaves after the beautiful summer.
We make clothes wrapped in the blessings of the four seasons. It's been a quarter of a century since I arrived in Vietnam via Nantong, China, and sought a way to make things with Asian people due to labor shortages.
We manufacture beautifully shaped women's clothing and hard gear outdoor wear in Vietnam, a country of paddy fields, and sell them to many Japanese customers.
We value the idea of ​​manufacturing surrounded by such beautiful nature, and we would like to continue to move forward as a lifestyle maker.



We will promote activities to achieve the goals of the SDGs and realize a sustainable society.