Our strength is all responsiveness
Sewing factory is located where there are abundant workforce but no industry has been developed yet. Japanese sewing industry has survived by firstly building sewing factories in urban areas, then moving them to local areas and finally to the country areas. However, as it turned difficult to maintain domestic production, we finally built our factory in China in 1993. When we launched the business in China, payroll cost there was twenty-fifth as much as that in Japan and many people applied to our job. The recruited people were very efficient as they had fast hands and an attitude of improvisation. Besides, thanks to the impetus of times, our business in China had been in good shape for about ten years. However, China’s remarkable economic growth drove up payroll cost, which made it difficult for our sewing factory to hire new workers.

Two years after the launch of business in China, I came and went to China and Vietnam, looking for opportunities to launch the business in Vietnam. Then, we decided to build a factory in an area 100km away southeast from Hanoi, where payroll cost was lower than in other areas in Vietnam. At first, we benefited from abundant workers, low cost and scarcity of other factories. But we found that it was too early to launch the business in Vietnam since we had difficulty getting orders. So we had poured all profits generated from Chinese business into Vientnamese one for seven years. We were at the absolute brink of business closing. If we had continued this way of bailout, we would have had no choice but to lose everything.

However, thanks to “Post-China” trend, the atmosphere had changed just before we were about to close Vietnamese business. Thus our business there can continue to this day. However, as economic growth in Vietnam is remarkable, we will continue to build new production base in consideration of various trends. Sewing industry has been destined to move production bases one after another in accordance of economic environment. However, we have not been afraid of any changes and have continued our business.

I think the best way is not only to maintain and enhance the ongoing business relationship but also to build new structure of cooperation with each other. For example, by directly dealing with a sewing factory, the apparel manufacturer with good sales room will be able to produce hot-selling items and distribute them to consumers in a timely manner. Also, manufacturer and factory will be able to cooperate in order to develop and manufacture apparel products with uncompromising stance. Moreover, manufacturer and factory will be able to put heads together on site and make all kinds of efforts to produce the items consumers really want.

It feels great to hear by word of mouth very pleasant impression from a consumer who purchased the apparel produced by us.




Company Name
Yumine Sewing Co., Ltd.
Year of Initiation
Year of Establishment
Kazuya Masai
10 million yen
Address (Head Office)
Category of Business
Sewing of men’s and ladies’ casual clothes
Branch Office in Japan
Gifu Office
650-5 Furukawacho Numamachi, Hida, Gifu, 509-4214, Japan
TEL : 81-577-73-4217
FAX : 81-577-73-6446
Tokyo Office
Kuramochi Building 2F, 3-40-2 Nihombashi Hamacho, Chuo Ward, Tokyo, 103-0007, JAPAN
TEL : 81-3-3527-2835 (main phone)
FAX : 81-3-3527-2836
Factory in China
Nantong Tangfeng Fashion Co., Ltd.
Sanguandian Pingchao Town, Tongzhou City,
Jiangsu Province, China
TEL : 86-513-8657-1242
FAX : 86-513-8657-1247

Taixing Dream Fashion Co., Ltd.
Heshi Town Industry Section North-Head,
Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, China
TEL : 86-523-8736-7303
FAX : 86-523-8736-6991
Factory in Vietnam
LAN LAN Co., Ltd.
Km4 Hung Vuong Road,Phu Khanh Ward,Thai Binh City,
Thai Binh Province,VIETNAM
TEL : 84-227-3840344
FAX : 84-227-3834041

Yen Thanh Town Industrial zone,
Yen Thanh District, Nghe An Province, VIETNAM
TEL : 84-238-3633677
FAX : 84-238-3633678
Line Bank
The Juroku Bank,Ltd
Hida Shinkin Bank.
The Shoko Chukin Bank,Ltd.



Main Clients (alphabetical order)

  • Allstyle Inc.
  • Amico Co., Ltd.
  • Area Four Co., Ltd.
  • Caitac Trading Inc.
  • Cat Inc.
  • Hasetora Spinning Co., Ltd.
  • Intertextured Inc.
  • Japan Scope Inc.
  • Junior Co., Ltd.
  • Jupiter Shop Channel Co., Ltd.
  • Look Mode Inc.
  • Marusa Co., Ltd.
  • Mitsubishi Corporation Fashion Co., Ltd
  • Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd.
  • Renown Inc.
  • Sumitex International Co., Ltd.
  • Sunwell Co., Ltd.
  • Takisada-Nagoya Co., Ltd.
  • Teijin Frontier Co., Ltd.
  • Toray International, Inc.
  • United Arrows Ltd.

Material Supplier (alphabetical order)

  • Cenit Co., Ltd.
  • Hasetora Spinning Co., Ltd.
  • KB Seiren, Ltd.
  • Sankei Co., Ltd.
  • Toyobo STC Co., Ltd.
  • YKK Corporation
  • Yoshioka Corporation