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Our company's 50-year history started from Hida City
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Sewing factory is located where there are abundant workforce but no industry has been developed yet. Japanese sewing industry has survived by firstly building sewing factories in urban areas, then moving them to local areas and finally to the country areas. However, as it turned difficult to maintain domestic production, we finally built our factory in China in 1993. When we launched the business in China, payroll cost there was twenty-fifth as much as that in Japan and many people applied to our job. The recruited people were very efficient as they had fast hands and an attitude of improvisation. Besides, thanks to the impetus of times, our business in China had been in good shape for about ten years. However, China’s remarkable economic growth drove up payroll cost, which made it difficult for our sewing factory to hire new workers.

Vietnam and Japan

Two years after the launch of business in China, I came and went to China and Vietnam, looking for opportunities to launch the business in Vietnam. Then, we decided to build a factory in an area 100km away southeast from Hanoi, where payroll cost was lower than in other areas in Vietnam. At first, we benefited from abundant workers, low cost and scarcity of other factories. But we found that it was too early to launch the business in Vietnam since we had difficulty getting orders. So we had poured all profits generated from Chinese business into Vientnamese one for seven years. We were at the absolute brink of business closing. If we had continued this way of bailout, we would have had no choice but to lose everything.

Business development

Since 1975, Yumine Sewing, a sewing company of ladies’ and men’s casual clothes, has established partnerships with various apparel manufacturers and designed and produced high-quality clothes. Currently, we have two factories in Jiangsu Province, China, and two factories in Vietnam, one in Thai-binh Province and the other in Nghe An Province. There are 2,000 workers in total. In Japan, we focus on sales activities at the head office in Hida City and two branch offices in Tokyo and Gifu City.

Business Strategy

We are always pursuing the production of high-quality clothes to satisfy clients and the development of structure to enhance productivity. Also, we are collectively considering the processes from designing new products to making a proposal for procurement of fabric materials. Additionally, we are pushing on OEM production for product distribution and joint project for product development. Amid the drastic structure change of the apparel industry, we will continue to provide competitive products under clear marketing strategy and business policy.

Strategy Of Overseas Expansion

Production cost in China has rapidly increased compared with over a decade ago, when Japanese companies aggressively started expanding their businesses to China. Today, manufacturing in China turns extremely tough due to various reasons such as difficulties of securing workers and surging expenses. We adopt Toyota Production System in order to increase productivity and introduce the latest machinery in order to reduce labor costs. By doing so, we will continue to strengthen production system of overseas factories so that we can survive even in the midst of deflation.

Business Deployment In The Future

Apparel industry may face more difficulties under the stagnant economy. On the other hand, some apparel companies defy the past conventions and can achieve a record profit with their own product development, production method and business policy. We strongly believe that we can overcome this difficult time.


In the future, we will make the most of our strength that we can develop great clothing items through the collaboration with client. We will also mobilize our many years of know-how and planning ability such as utilizing internet and opening up new sales channels. By doing so, we will further develop our business to be a company which satisfies clients at any time.